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a friendly PEP chat - lesson #3

OH my dear friends, there is something you don't know about drawing that I do. Bored? Seeing is what drawing gives you, AND NEW BRAIN CELLS! It's a key to finding out about yourself. Like Sherlock Holmes YOU must uncover these things. There is NO competition here... no limits, just you, your body, your mind & the amazing world for you to explore through drawing. Do pursue BEAUTY! It's fun!

lesson #2 FACES

I have a bit of a different take on how to draw, and paint for that matter, FACES. As always based on Centered Drawing ideas which focus on YOU learning how YOU use YOUR mind and body to draw what you see.

FREE Centered Drawing lesson #1

"From Flat to Round" is from artist Gita's limited edition book: CENTERED DRAWING. (click on PURCHASE above) Gita teaches fresh concepts for great drawing skills for young and old, newbie or more advanced, teaching YOU to draw YOUR WAY and packed with ADDED ideas and conversations between 64 artists from throughout the ages. Are you an Artist? Get to know us. We have worked alone too long!

DNA! I have a"new"same-age, same Disney-career sister?!

SURPRISE! What is happening? Just found an artist half-sister who worked in Hollywood the SAME TIME I did? With the SAME people? ON the SAME Disney products? DNA finds new families yes, but... really?